street art and underground stations

This is a selection of shots taken in the entrance of the undergroud station “Repubblica” in Milano, which is close to the main railway station. Urban redevolpment has been obtained by painting the formerly gray and dirty walls of the stairs. The mural paintings (murales) and graffiti are beautiful.  Several other subway station in Milano have already been decorated by mural paintings. Pictures were taken using a fisheye lens to obtain the widest view in rather narrow spaces.



Duomo church

Atmosphere, light, sound of Duomo and surroundings, where Milano becomes a village

The main church and its big square. This is the place where Milano turns to be a village:  where all roads converge, where all people meet and are customary to date, where the main social events take place.


Hundreds of abandoned bikes fastened to poles or bars are an integral part of the urban landscape of Milano

Other than being invaded by pigeons and crowded by japanese tourists, milano is littered with abandoned bicycles which are fastened to bike racks or poles or bars. They stand alone with a melancholy air while waiting for their owner (or a thief) to come and set them free.