This wall painting is located right in front of the State University building in Milano. The translation of the writing on the top is ”in their desert we multiply adventures and resistances”. (the sense of “resistenze” is not clear; in my opinion it means the capacity to cope with life challenges). The picture would refer to the puppeteers (burattinai) of modern society: high finance, (fear of) death, and evil. On the floor there is an out-of-use pay phone. A man looking at his smartphone is leaning against the wall, the unaware victim of the puppeteers.

Milano is full of graffiti. Some are very good.


la leggerezza

“Leggerezza”, or the lightness of being is one of my favourite pictures. It was taken in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milano in a sunny and warm summer afternoon. A physical and spiritual lightness.

vittorio emanuele
vittorio emanuele