the wet rose

This red rose had been left behind and inserted on a grating to wither under the heavy rain .

Roses are life and soul of every event and they are symbol of love, passion, devotion, acknowledgement, thankfulness.



Duomo church

Atmosphere, light, sound of Duomo and surroundings, where Milano becomes a village

The main church and its big square. This is the place where Milano turns to be a village:  where all roads converge, where all people meet and are customary to date, where the main social events take place.


In-between and organic moments, nice light and unexpected compositions in portraying people in downtown Milano

Downtown Milano is a separate world inhabited by all kind of people.  People who are rich and poor, happy and desperate, noisy or quite, working hard or enjoying their time, sometimes begging for money or performing as street artists, but always looking very creative and inspiring