Venice carnival 2019

Still another visit of Venice for me in the Carnival season. This time I was in this magical city in the early days of the two-weeks traditional Carnival time, but masks were already there in a great number to be portrayed by lots of enthusiastic photographers. Each year I happen to visit Venice under Carnival, I feel newly impressed by the beauty of masks and of the people performing in the streets. The origins of venetian carnival are centuries old. It consisted in several weeks of festivity and fun in the whole city, during which people could indulge in music, dances and parties, barely working. Wearing masks and costumes made it possible for people to hide any differences of class or status, and it was even allowed to make fun of the aristocracy. The carnival became internationally famous and prestigious in the 18th century, when it reached its widest fame. At the end of the century, however, with Austrian occupation of the city, the tradition of wearing masks was forbidden. It was only in 1979 that the ancient tradition was restored, in the form still seen today. The pictures shown here were taken on february 23, 2019, around St. Mark’s square.

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venice carnival 2017

Misterious people hidden behind colorful carnival dresses and masks. Pictures taken on Saturday morning (“sabato grasso”) in the last weekend of the carnival season in the narrow streets of Venice and in Piazza San Marco. I prefer portraits or wide angle photos. Venice is a very unique place.