Novegro Photo Day

Si è tenuta, dal 18 al 20 ottobre 2019, nel Parco Esposizioni di Novegro, nella periferia sud-est di Milano, una mostra collettiva delle opere dei fotografi appartenenti a PhotoMilano, il club dei fotografi milanesi. Questa la mia foto esposta e scelta dalla commissione. Rappresenta la scalinata di un accesso alla metropolitana della stazione di Rupubblica decorata da dipinti della street art di cui anche Milano si sta adornando. La foto risale a giugno 2018 ed è eseguita con un obiettivo fisheye.

A collective photographic exhibition of the members of PhotoMilano, the milano photographic club, was held from 18 to 20 october 2019 at the Exhibition Parc of Novegro, a neighborhood in the southeastern area of the city. This is the photo of mine which was selected for the exhibition. It portrays the wall paintings at the entrance to the subway station of Repubblica. It was shot in june 2018 using a fisheye lens.

advertisement in via pisani

How much the urban landscape has been changed by images of advertisement is impressive. In the last few days a huge poster has been set up on the building which is in front of the tower named “il grattacielo di Milano” in via Vittor Pisani. The image is a beautiful, enormous, woman’s profile portrait on a completely white background. She seems to be looking at and admiring the tower. The grattacielo (“skyscraper”) is 116 meters tall and it was built between 1950 and 1955. At that time, it was the highest building in Italy, higher than the highest statue of the Duomo church. The grattacielo is the symbol of the new architectural Milanese style which was developed immediately after the end of world war II. Its design is very simple and essential. There seems to be an interaction between the model’s face and the tower. Looking at them together from Piazza della Repubblica gives an awesome visual effect.

street art and underground stations

This is a selection of shots taken in the entrance of the undergroud station “Repubblica” in Milano, which is close to the main railway station. Urban redevolpment has been obtained by painting the formerly gray and dirty walls of the stairs. The mural paintings (murales) and graffiti are beautiful.  Several other subway station in Milano have already been decorated by mural paintings. Pictures were taken using a fisheye lens to obtain the widest view in rather narrow spaces.



Solitude is a recurring subject in street pictures. People wandering within the city or sitting on a bench or in remote corners, people who apparently live in the emptiness having no emotion or purpose. People resting, or laughing, or eating, or playing.


People living under the poverty level, refugees and immigrants, street beggars, lonely and homeless people in downtown Milano

Milano is a crowded, polyglot, grossly unequal city. Many foreign immigrants and italian people live under the poverty line. Refugees and illegal immigrants croud the train stations or the streets of the luxury and fashion districts begging for money or selling counterfeit merchandise. The city is not adapting to new waves of immigrants and people tend to defend against them.