la leggerezza

“Leggerezza”, or the lightness of being is one of my favourite pictures. It was taken in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milano in a sunny and warm summer afternoon. A physical and spiritual lightness.

vittorio emanuele
vittorio emanuele

the wet rose

This red rose had been left behind and inserted on a grating to wither under the heavy rain .

Roses are life and soul of every event and they are symbol of love, passion, devotion, acknowledgement, thankfulness.


emporio armani

The huge advertising installation of the Emporio Armani fashion brand is a fascinating site in the Brera district of Milano.

George Steinmetz, the great National Geographic photographer, was here around 1992 or earlier and took this picture.steinmetz-1992Nothing has changed, apparently, in these 24 years


Solitude is a recurring subject in street pictures. People wandering within the city or sitting on a bench or in remote corners, people who apparently live in the emptiness having no emotion or purpose. People resting, or laughing, or eating, or playing.


People living under the poverty level, refugees and immigrants, street beggars, lonely and homeless people in downtown Milano

Milano is a crowded, polyglot, grossly unequal city. Many foreign immigrants and italian people live under the poverty line. Refugees and illegal immigrants croud the train stations or the streets of the luxury and fashion districts begging for money or selling counterfeit merchandise. The city is not adapting to new waves of immigrants and people tend to defend against them.

Advertisement as background

how images of advertisement interact with urban landscape and change our perception of the city

The images catching our attention and transmitting the commercial message interact with urban architecture, buildings, roads, the monuments of our past, creating new landscapes and setting up the theatre stages of our own life which last the time of an advertising campaign.

Love is in the air

lucky and unlucky, happy and unhappy, blind and secret loves in the gray city of Milano

The lyrics of an old song  say: “If you only knew how strange it is to fall in love in Milano, without flowers or green, without the sky , with nothing around. If you only knew how strange it is to date in Milano, in a shopping mall, in a public square or in the Galleria, what a madness!, what a madness!”